Thursday, May 25, 2017

Types of Windscreen Damages

windscreen damaged

There can be a whole number of reasons as to why your windscreen gets damaged. They are a key element to a car and the safety of the passengers. It is important to keep the windscreen in pristine condition otherwise it can be fatal to those in the car as well as those around.

They are extremely durable and are known to be the reason as to why the car roof doesn’t collapse when met with an accident.

This way the passengers are safe or leave with minimum damage. Damage that is caused to a windscreen can be through various reasons. And there are various solutions to the damages that occur on your windscreen.

There are various types of damages that your windscreen can go through. Some solutions can be as mild as repairing and some can be as bad as replacing them. Windscreens are created to take forceful impacts and so replacing or repairing depends on the types of damages it has.

Among damages below are the types you will commonly find:

1.       Bulls-eye 

This is a clean break that goes through the center of the glass. It looks exactly like a bulls-eye. This usually happens when a circular like object that hit the screen.

Sometimes a whole can form otherwise it tends to be a dip in the windshield with shattered glass around it. This can be fixed easily and doesn’t require the entire screen being changed.

2.       Half Moon

A half moon is simply half of a bulls-eye.

This too is caused by circular objects. They are known to be a dark shade. Half-moons can be fixed easily and don’t necessarily need a replacement.

3.       Edge Crack

It is in its name. The edge crack is generally the most common crack that occurs on most windscreens. They start at a minimum of two to three inches of the edges and move inward. This can be cause by several objects.

4.       Stress Crack

This kind of crack is not formed due to any sort of impact that occurs to the windscreen. When there are sudden lows or highs in the temperature this can cause the windshield to crack. These cracks are extremely easy to fix as they most commonly crack in a straight line.

5.       Combination Break

This occurs due to an accident or is consequence to serious damage. This break consists of various amounts of chips and cracks within the windscreen. This usually means that it needs to be replaced as it is too expensive to fix.

6.       Chip

A chip is when bit and pieces of glass fall or come off the windscreen when hard objects hit it. It can be any number of objects that hit the screen. It can be easily repaired if it is a tiny or small impact.

7.       Floater Crack

These cracks usually occur in the middle of the screen and are extremely dangerous to the driver.
Since they aren’t towards the edges, it can hinder the drivers view and cause accidents or more cracks to it. This has to be taken care of as soon as possible for the safety of the driver.

8.       Star Break

Although the name sounds pretty, star breaks can be fatal to your windscreen. These cracks start out with the impact hole in the center and small crack leading from it outward. If not repaired, these cracks can grow long.

This too can be caused due to any flying objects that have hit it. This needs to be repaired as soon as possible so that you don’t have to replace your screen later on.

About the author: Darren and Justin are the owners of A1 windscreens. Darren is well known for his service offers for windscreen repair, replacement and tinting film. He provides his customers with premium quality materials and skilled technicians who perfect their services in windscreen care in Melbourne.

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