Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Six reasons to get your car tinted

Six Benefits of Car Tint

Car window tint has seen great advancements and brings numerous advantages to drivers and passengers. Besides offering protection from Melbourne's extreme outside summer heat, a person can enjoy other perks from application. 

Car window tint

Here are Six benefits that come from installing windscreen tint.

1. Increases Health

As the sun beats down, its UV rays penetrate a car's glass and can cause skin damage to the driver and passengers. With prolonged exposure, a person may experience premature ageing.

UV radiation is linked to skin cancer as well. Even though a vehicle's front glass may contain a material that filters light and prevents chips and cracks, side windows are often left unprotected.

Applying tint to all vehicle glass will keep passengers from being harmed. Transparent products are available to uphold visibility as well.

2. Increases Safety

Window tinting pakenham increases safety. When the sun is shining, its glare enters the front window and causes a distraction. When a driver does not have an unobstructed view of the road, an accident may occur, which can lead to costly repairs or car replacement. 

When a film is applied by a professional, it can lower the risks of disruptions while driving.

3. Controls the Temperature

During the hot Australian summer months, driving in a car can seem unbearable. The outside temperatures penetrate a vehicle and cause a driver and passengers great discomfort.

The correct window film can help keep an auto cool, which is especially helpful when traveling with pets.

4. Protects Upholstery

Many people worry about keeping their vehicle exteriors looking good. However, the interiors are often ignored. The sun's heat and rays enter and have the ability to destroy upholsteries. To keep interiors from fading, cracking, or warping, window film application is essential.

Since these products block up to 90 percent of light, auto interiors will last longer and retain their values.

5. Prevents Shattering from Chips and Cracks

While driving on the road, it is possible for rocks or other sharp objects to bounce and hit a vehicle's windshield. This can result in chips, cracks, or complete shattering. Besides causing danger to drivers, these events can lead to costly repairs or window replacement.

When auto glass is covered with tint, it reduces the likelihood of severe damage. This film holds the glass together and prevents massive shattering. Although repairs may be necessary, they will be easier to fix and may eliminate the need for complete replacement.

6. Heightens Security and Privacy

Applying dark film provides peace of mind to vehicle owners. Since it makes it difficult for strangers to see into the interiors, theft is less likely. If valuables go undetected, there is no reason for criminals to attempt break-ins. Also, it creates a sense of privacy as well.

If you are considering professional auto glass application, A1 Windscreens is ideal. This company provides a variety of car tint Melbourne offerings and other glass repair and replacement services.

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