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Six reasons to get your car tinted

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Six Benefits of Car Tint

Car window tint has seen great advancements and brings numerous advantages to drivers and passengers. Besides offering protection from Melbourne's extreme outside summer heat, a person can enjoy other perks from application. 

Car window tint

Here are Six benefits that come from installing windscreen tint.

1. Increases Health

As the sun beats down, its UV rays penetrate a car's glass and can cause skin damage to the driver and passengers. With prolonged exposure, a person may experience premature ageing.

UV radiation is linked to skin cancer as well. Even though a vehicle's front glass may contain a material that filters light and prevents chips and cracks, side windows are often left unprotected.

Applying tint to all vehicle glass will keep passengers from being harmed. Transparent products are available to uphold visibility as well.

2. Increases Safety

Window tinting pakenham increases safety. When the sun is shining, its glare enters the front window and causes a distraction. When a driver does not have an unobstructed view of the road, an accident may occur, which can lead to costly repairs or car replacement. 

When a film is applied by a professional, it can lower the risks of disruptions while driving.

3. Controls the Temperature

During the hot Australian summer months, driving in a car can seem unbearable. The outside temperatures penetrate a vehicle and cause a driver and passengers great discomfort.

The correct window film can help keep an auto cool, which is especially helpful when traveling with pets.

4. Protects Upholstery

Many people worry about keeping their vehicle exteriors looking good. However, the interiors are often ignored. The sun's heat and rays enter and have the ability to destroy upholsteries. To keep interiors from fading, cracking, or warping, window film application is essential.

Since these products block up to 90 percent of light, auto interiors will last longer and retain their values.

5. Prevents Shattering from Chips and Cracks

While driving on the road, it is possible for rocks or other sharp objects to bounce and hit a vehicle's windshield. This can result in chips, cracks, or complete shattering. Besides causing danger to drivers, these events can lead to costly repairs or window replacement.

When auto glass is covered with tint, it reduces the likelihood of severe damage. This film holds the glass together and prevents massive shattering. Although repairs may be necessary, they will be easier to fix and may eliminate the need for complete replacement.

6. Heightens Security and Privacy

Applying dark film provides peace of mind to vehicle owners. Since it makes it difficult for strangers to see into the interiors, theft is less likely. If valuables go undetected, there is no reason for criminals to attempt break-ins. Also, it creates a sense of privacy as well.

If you are considering professional auto glass application, A1 Windscreens is ideal. This company provides a variety of car tint Melbourne offerings and other glass repair and replacement services.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Anti-graffiti film – Protect your windows and possessions

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Anti-Graffiti window film

Key Benefits of Anti-Graffiti window film

Graffiti is an expensive annoyance. When acts of vandalism cause damage, it means time and money must be spent for repairs.

To prevent problems, many homes and storefronts invest in protection from anti-graffiti film. This product adheres to glass windows with ease and brings multiple benefits.

Provides Privacy. Placing safety film on windows of homes and businesses can provide extra privacy, especially when the coating is dark. Besides hampering outsiders from watching a person's actions, this keeps people from viewing valuables as well.

Limits Heat. An anti-graffiti window covering can lower the temperature inside a building. Many products contain solar control, which limits the amount of sun that can enter.

By preventing the sun's rays from shining through, temperatures will be kept at a more comfortable level. This is especially helpful during warm Melbourne seasons.

Added Durability
. When a business has been vandalized, it is essential to find something that will make glass stronger. Safety film makes windows less likely to break in times of accidents or break-ins.

Saves Money. When a window falls victim to vandalism, it means expensive cleanup and repairs. With anti-graffiti film, it is simple to quickly peel off the layer. The affordable price of installing this type of product saves money from replacing large glass windows.

Prevents Injuries. When glass shatters, it often breaks into sharp pieces that can cause terrible injuries. In a home with large windows and small children, window film is essential. If an accident occurs, covered glass will remain in one piece so that tiny shards do not fly away and lead to cuts.

Choosing the Best Safety film for Individual Needs

There are a number of Window film Melbourne offerings. Although all products are easy to install, there are multiple possible colour selections. A person can choose from a range that includes very dark shades or near invisible looks.

A darker covering filters more light and provides optimum privacy. A clear layer keeps the glass looking natural.

To prevent crime, clear film may be the best option. With a detectable product, someone may act spitefully and do worse damage than with an invisible guard in use.

Selecting Professional Installation

A1 Windscreens provides top window film Melbourne services. This company offers various products designed to keep homes and businesses safe and secure.

All items come with lifetime warranties and help block harmful UV rays, reduce glare, ensure safety, and provide superior optical clarity.

One of the most unique products in-stock is the 3M Multi-layer Graffiti film. When the outer layer becomes damaged, it is peeled away and leaves a fresh layer behind.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Protect You and Your Car with Window Tint

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Window tinting Melbourne

Between commuting and other trips, you probably spend a great deal of time in your car. It is an extension of your personality.

To make it look good and appealing, there are many accessories available, including window tint. On the surface, tint adds a bit of mystique to a car's appearance. However, window tinting Melbourne benefits go much deeper.

Benefits of Window Tint

Adds Privacy. Today's cars are filled with expensive equipment, including stereo systems, navigational devices, and other technological gadgets.

When windows are tinted, they add privacy so that strangers cannot see into your car. It also keeps a potential thief from viewing items of value on the back or front seats.

               Protects a Car's Interior. Tinted car windows protect the upholstery, especially if your vehicle has fragile leather seats. Having tinted windows extends the life of the interior by 60 percent. Usually, the sun's UV rays are allowed to penetrate, which causes fading or other damage to the inside.

              Protects Skin from Sun Damage. While you are on a long trip, you or your passengers are placed in direct contact with UV rays from the sun. Besides sunburn, this can raise your potential for permanent skin damage. Many quality window tints block approximately 99 percent of harmful rays.

             Guards Against Injury. If you are in an accident, there is a good chance your windshield will get smashed. This can cause sharp shards of glass to spray throughout the vehicle, which leads to cuts. With window tint, the glass will hold together and help prevent injuries.

             Increases Vision. On a sunny day, the glare can be blinding and cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Since window tint dampens sunlight, it is effective at increasing your line of vision so that you remain safe on the road.

            Lowers the Temperature. No one enjoys entering a car on a hot day and getting burned by scorching seats.

This is usually the problem in a vehicle with a leather interior. Tint prevents the sun from entering the car so that the temperatures do not reach extremely high levels.

Although it is possible to get similar results from window shades, these items are not permanent and must be frequently readjusted.

Choosing a Professional Window Tint Installer 

There are many professional companies that offer window tinting Melbourne services. A1 Windscreens specialises in all types of window tinting.

All installers are fully trained so that every job is completed correctly and lasts a long time. Thanks to the business's new large workshop facility, tint can be applied to vehicles of all sizes. For more information or to receive a free quote, visit A1 Windscreens.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Why Everyone Goes For Car Window Tinting

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There’s no finer way to add stylishness and gusto to your car, SUV or truck than getting its windows tinted. It brings out a trendy appeal to your vehicle, not to mention makes it look way cooler than vehicles without tints.

Window tinting not only increases the resale value of your car, but also makes driving safe; especially during those scorching summer months.

Tints can equally safeguard the long-term well-being of you and your passengers. How, you ask?

Benefits of Installing High Quality, Custom Window Tint Film

Safeguards the interior of your vehicle –

The sun can scorch the interior of your vehicle and damage it over time. It discolours cloth fabrics, darkens and hardens leather seats, bleaches out and cracks your car’s dash panel.

UV rays are not just detrimental to your skin, but also on your car’s interior.

Fortunately, by installing a tinting film on your vehicle’s windows, you help block out almost ninety-five percent of these damaging rays.

This helps retain your car’s resale value as the interiors still maintain a pristine look. To get a custom tinting film installed on your car’s windows, visit a window tinting service such as A1 Windscreens.

Protects your skin and that of your occupants –

UV rays are worse when directed to your skin than on your car’s interior. That’s because you have more to lose than your car. Your skin’s health is essential.

You can easily become a victim to overexposure to sun’s unfiltered UV light while driving as you could while lounging or working outdoors under the scorching sun. However, window tinting protects your skin while driving.

Turns off the AC, saves money on gas –

Custom window tinting film helps your vehicle’s interior to become cooler by almost sixty percent. Not many people are aware of this fact.

If they were, we’d have all cars sporting window tints. When the interior of your car becomes cooler, you need not turn the AC hence reducing your car’s fuel efficiency.

In other words, window tinting film is cost efficient. High-quality window tinting films are said to lower further the temperature of your car’s interior to cool enough levels.

It’s a practical solution to those terribly hot summer months. A1 Windscreens installs those high-quality tinting films on car’s windows.

Improves your vehicle’s safety on the road –

Custom window tint film can also make driving your vehicle safe especially when the scorching sun is out. It also doesn't predispose you to thefts as no one can see through a window tint. Tinting films also help increase your privacy when driving.

But not too many people give these pointers any consideration. The car window tints protect much more than damaging UV rays.

In a nutshell, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble when you install tinting films on your vehicle’s windows than if you wouldn't.

You’ll reduce chances of causing an accident when driving during daytime with the glare of the sun at its highest.

Not to mention, tinting films helps your car’s windows from breaking into thousands of shards in case you happen to get in an accident.

So, stretch your coin today and visit A1 Windscreens to experience high-quality window tinting service.